Funkeilidh Ceilidh Band: Fife


Our piper can welcome your guests to the ceremony or to your wedding reception, or both.
  1. <1 hrs playing within 2hrs £150
  2. <90 mins playing within 4hrs £250
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Option 1: <40 mins of playing within 90 mins: £150

This could be either the ceremony or the meal. The piper will play up to 40 mins music over a period of 90 mins.

Ceremony: If a ceremony is to start at say, 3pm, the piper would arrive at 2.15 & warm up for 15 mins. Playing will start ~ 2.30. Our piper can pipe the bride up the Isle or stop for other music to take over. Please specify your preferences. A typical ceremony will last between 20 & 40 mins & the piper will be available to pipe guests out of the building & can play for around 20 - 25 mins or until 4.15 in this scenario. .

.... Or ...

Dinner / reception: Our piper can pipe guest to the drinks reception or the meal instead, or any other event of your choice within the times above.


Option 2: <1 hr playing within 3 hrs £250

If you'd like our piper to stay around for up to 3 hrs to cover more of your events, they can play for up to 1 hr. Normally that would be up to 3 spots of playing within the 3 hrs.

Please make the day your own. Don't be frightened to break the mould & tell us exactly what you'd like - or wouldn't like, from your piper.

3 Clinton Street
KY14 6DP

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