Dave Ford; (Sax, trumpet, clarinet, flute, fiddle, guitar, bass, vocals, anything lying about.....)

Alter Ego: Plumber

Dave learned fiddle, piano & clarinet at school but then turned to the things he wanted to play. Trumpet, flute & the saxes now dominate his sound with guitar and mandolin creeping in when he dares. Dave's one of those irritating people who can get a tune out of anything. He excels at improvisation and just won’t stick to the tune.(some would say he can't!).

Dave.....'blowing his own trumpet'.....




Since a digi' camera became my new toy, I can't seem to stop taking pictures! Many convey the atmosphere of the functions we do and I hope their use improves this site.

I always ask the person who seems to be in charge (usually the Bride!) if she thinks people would object & so far all have been happy for the shots to be used. Particularly memorable nights get their own page!

Objections: If I've not caught your best side..... please call or e-mail me from the details at the top of this page & I'll be pleased to remove any images at your request.

If you would prefer none are taken at your event, just let me know.

Obtaining copies: I start snapping at a time when the official photographer is going home & despite shooting randomly into the crowd between semi-quavers, sometimes get some good shots. If you would like a CDrom of your wedding etc, just let me know.

Swap!: As we're always on stage we never get the chance to get any good shots of the whole band - perhaps you did? - or even some digital video!! We'd be so grateful. e-mail here